3 Ways to Develop Trust Through Social Media

One of the most fundamental indicators of a lasting, meaningful relationship is trust. Developing a relationship with potential clients or customers on social media platforms is no different. Remember, there is a person on the other side of that screen, and they play by the same social rules you do in “real” life. You can earn trust in social media by being “you-nique,”  genuine and consistent. You also can’t be afraid to fail. These three factors will attract people to your company and maintain positive connections no matter what product or service you provide.

Be “You-nique”

This a common term on various social media platforms. Its message is clear: Having a great product isn’t enough to succeed nowadays. You have to stand out. And not only that. You have to be YOU. We all recognize it in our daily lives. We purchase things to communicate our personality to the world around us. Dedicating time and resources to be creative is much harder for businesses to do, but the payoff can be huge. If you, your product and your delivery are great, people will probably recognize it. If you, your product and your delivery are unique, people won’t forget it. That means they will be talking about it.  That’s what you’re looking for, right? Our blog about Turning Strangers into Promoters highlights the importance and ways to shift individuals from average customers to passionate promoters. 70% of people trust brands when recommended by friends or family, so you have to get people talking about YOUR brand.

The things that matter to you as an individual must be reflected in your brand. Your uniqueness is what makes your brand special. Let your personality show through your social media interactions. People will respond because instead of just completing a business transaction, they’ve made a connection with someone real.

Be Genuine and Consistent

Everybody has encountered someone or something fake. It’s usually obvious and people don’t respond well to it. The same is true with businesses when they try to be anything but genuine on social media. When social media was first conceived, it was enough to just have automated messages and large numbers of followers/likes to be successful. Now, it requires far more attention. Failing to interact with followers, only self-promoting, solely automating posts, and not listening are all activities that you want to avoid if you want to seem genuine to potential customers.

More and more companies are beginning to outsource social media and content creation because they realize this need for consistent, personal approach. Digital content managers are providing innovative strategy and swift execution of staying engaged with your past, present and future customers.

Be Able to Fail

People aren’t perfect. It’s ok to admit, especially as a business who is trying to earn trust. When you make errors, it’s important to use the situation as a way to help your brand. Acknowledge the error, repost the accurate data, and apologize to anyone involved. Ignoring problems and incorrect information will only make it seem like you don’t care. If you will be accountable for excellent customer service even when you have made a mistake will ensure your customers trust that you really have their best interest in mind.

It takes a lot of attention to operate a successful social media campaign, but a consistent, unique strategy will ensure that you are developing trust with customers. Contact usto find out how a unified social media campaign could impact your business.