3 Ways to Stay Connected with Customers through Social Media

Businesses know it’s imperative to have consistent visibility to attract and convert strangers into customers. We addressed the perspective needed to obtain that all-important visibility in our previous blog Doing Social Well. The problem is, unfortunately, that we continue to think about being connected on social media in the same way as we view connecting with our customers. The terms may seems synonymous, but we will explore how to move from connected to connecting in 3 specific steps.

1: Choose quality, not just quantity.

This point is the widest ranging, but also the most important. We have all seen a business (maybe it’s even a competitor) with 10,000 followers on Twitter or Facebook. It’s daunting to think that sort of visibility is necessary in order to be a success on social media. I understand we are all competitive, but let’s be reasonable. Whether you have 100 followers or 10,000, any increase in sales directly linked to a social media interaction can, and should, be labeled a success.

We’ve also seen a business who schedules the same 30 posts to repeat day after day on every single social network available. Do you really think that gets people’s attention? Me neither. And even if it does, followers catch on quickly, get bored and never move through our sales funnel from stranger to promoter. We should instead focus on creating attention grabbing content, and then promoting it through the specific networks where our customers are most active. Creating a detailed strategy and then executing it is key to developing genuine connections.

2: Don’t be a wallflower.

As necessary as it is for us to exist on social platforms, it’s even more important to have an unforgettable presence. We should think of social media as a conversation. This conversation is going on whether we are involved or not, but injecting quality content is what will draw attention to our brand and what we have to say. It’s not enough to come to the party and just sit in the corner. If we get involved in the conversation and are memorable, followers will look forward to sharing our product and their positive experience.

3: Be consistent, not overbearing.

There has to be balance. Let’s not be that company posting through a social media tool just to be a part of the conversation and get followers, but then never think about it again. We wouldn’t say something or ask a question in a face to face conversation and then ignore the responses of others. Commenting, re-posting, liking and otherwise responding to those who connect with us is just as valuable as the initial content that attracted them. Also, keep in mind that most people go to the internet for information about the world around them, not just a company. We must make sure we are creating content that incorporates aspects of the world around us. These are great opportunities to have a personal connection with the individual on the other side of the computer.

To move from connected to connecting, we need to focus on more than numbers, join the conversation with great content, and then stay engaged with our followers. We all recognize that social media has become an extremely important aspect of marketing, but it does us no good to just be present. We have to consistently connect if we want to move people from strangers to promoters. To learn more about how you can connect with potential customers more effectively contact us at www.Nektur.com.