Doing Social Media Well

Marketing takes many forms in the world today, but over the past few years, I’ve found myself primarily interested in the craze of making social connections online. The world around us has shifted away from dependence on interpersonal relationships. Instead, we do most of our interacting online. Everyone has fallen victim to a room full of people staring at their phones rather than communicating with those around them. As businesses, it’s easy to be frustrated by this trend because we know that positive experiences for customers are rooted in real connection with owners and employees, not just products or services. Rather than be put off by growth in the technological-age, a shift in our mindset away from classic approaches is necessary. We must adopt a strategy that initiates the all-important customer/brand exchange through the social platforms available on the web, and then cultivate that relationship through excellent customer service.

No longer do we have to search for potential customers; no longer do we have to wonder if our marketing is reaching the right audience. Excellent tools have been developed through which we can engage consumers right where they are and then efficiently analyze their response to us. It may not be the best way to foster a lasting relationship, but a strong social media presence that grabs attention and personalizes a brand is priceless in the online community. In a world where information is readily available at all times, we have to be memorable, or we will be left as an afterthought. You don’t like being left in the dust do you? You want your brand to get noticed don’t you? We can all help each other, but we must engage and connect. A genuine connection keeps customers coming back, but a unique approach is what will attract them in the first place.


During one of his speaking engagements at SXSW ‘14, Gary Vaynerchuk touched on six keys to developing positive (business) relationships. Entrepreneur Magazine wrote an article summarizing his speech, but here are the main points:


1: Don’t be a taker. Give of yourself.

2: Stop complaining. Enjoy more.

3: Farm. Don’t hunt. Create. Don’t destroy.

4: Stop strategizing. Be human.

5: Be grateful.

6: Finish. Follow through.


To survive in a digital marketing landscape where being human is becoming more and more of a commodity, we must let these basic principles of relating drive the way we engage our customers in social avenues. We have to continue to grow with the times, but in order to create strong rapport with customers we have to be humans, not computers.


Nektur Marketing has developed a new approach to engage and support our community. We strive to continually foster environments where honest, personal relationships build into positive experiences for businesses and customers alike. By intentionally creating a culture that fosters interaction with each individual client, we have a system that protects your reputation and develops your brand through well managed events, valuable content, and integrated social experiences.

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Social can be done well. Let us help.