Extensive market research is an important part of developing a successful brand. We can help you avoid growing pains by identifying target customers, researching market opportunities, and then creating online marketing strategies defined by your needs.

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The first step to any successful marketing campaign is researching your market. Many people have great ideas for a product, or service, but are not sure if there is a demand for it. Nektur helps our clients conduct market research so we can discover where the best opportunities are for their brand.



After you have identified your position in the market, the next step is focusing on finding your ideal customers. Pinpointing your personas, or target customers, allows us to create a strategy that is customized to fit their needs. When you develop specific content plans for your personas, you increase conversions.



Nektur empowers our clients with the tools to achieve sustainable growth. We are always studying the latest trends and best practices in the online marketing industry to give you a product that works best for you. Everyday the business environment is changing. We’ll make sure you’re prepared.

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Increased Brand Awareness

Engaging content is something every brand needs if they want to continue to grow, and these companies were no different. These two brands had consistent customer bases and traffic to their respective websites, but wanted to take the next step and attract new people who could use their products and services.


By creating a unique series of three, thirty second videos to highlight the people, processes, products, special features and culture of each brand, Nektur’s goal was to inform new people about local brands, increase traffic to their websites and cultivate new, loyal customers.
  •  SEO Friendly
  • Personalized Content
  • Social media publishing


Diode Digital found that video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined. They also found that, before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if available. Consistent with this research, these 6 videos had an 740% greater impact that texts, offers and pictures.
  •  The 6 videos were viewed a total of 5,238 times, an average of 873 views each.
  •  379 calls to action were clicked, meaning an average of 63 people per video took the next step with each brand
  •  77 total comments or shares = average of 12.8 people per video engaging with the videos.

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