Why Blogging Is Good For Any Business (Yes, Even Yours).

Let’s just get it out in the open, blogs are necessary for your business, big or small. Whether you own a retail store or consulting business, blogging can help strengthen that bottom line. Here’s how.

Build your brand

You can have the best product in the world, one that cures the common cold while giving you a backrub, and it won’t do you any good if people do not know about it. For a business to succeed, people have to know you are out there, but unfortunately many small business’ are able to only set a small advertising budget aside. However, if you have a well written blog, you’ve got a free, or very cheap, source of advertising. Retail stores can write about a new product that came in or a consulting firm can write about a case study that was particularly successful. You talk about your business to your friends and family in person, a blog is just another way to continue the conversation.

You become a resource

If you have a question, who do you usually ask (besides google)? It tends to be someone you either trust, and/or has experience in the subject you have a question about. The same thing applies to your business, and subsequently your blog. If you have a blog that paints you as an expert in the field, that will lead to more visitors to your site, and more links. Once potential customers see that yes, you do know what you are talking about, they are more likely to steer their business towards you.

Strengthens your SEO

Ah, that fickle beast that is SEO, or search engine optimization. For the uninitiated, SEO is the process of strengthening your website so it shows at the top of an organic (unpaid) search result. For example, if you sell hammers in New Orleans and have a strong SEO presence, your business should pop up in the first page when someone searches for “hammers New Orleans”. The thing about having a blog is that it should be updated on a regular basis. The magical formula that google uses when you search for “hammer New Orleans” is more likely to put pages that have relevant and new content. at the top of it’s search. If you regularly update your content, and paint yourself as an expert (see above), then you’ve got a better chance of landing on the all important first page of the search results.

Drives traffic to your website

Ultimately the goal of any new advertising/marketing action is to increase your business. A blog acts in the same way. By putting in appropriate links (nektur.com) back to your main website, you’ve got a great opportunity for new business. For example, your new blog post is about this new hammer that just blows all the competition out of the water, and it’s inexpensive! It just so happens that you sell that hammer on your website, so throw in a link to your website to help the consumer out.

As you can see, blogging can help your business out in many ways. It drives traffic to your website, helps with search rankings, and can ultimately lead to more business. All it takes is a little time.

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