5 Things You Need To Know About Pay Per Click With Google

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When most people think of going online to search for a product or service, they almost always turn to Google. According to Google’s Inside Search, more than 2 million searches are done on the platform per second. That’s 120 million searches per minute! Google is in the business connecting people with what they need, and they are doing it very well. But you are in the business of actually giving people what they need (or want). This is a very important distinction to make. Would your business grow if, by leveraging the power of Google searches, more people knew about your brand, gathered information about your products or services, and then had the opportunities to purchase or plug in with one or two clicks? Google Adwords is a handy pay per click system that Google has created that allows you to do just those things. Here are some important things to know before you get started.

1. Money is being made
In 2013, Google officially surpassed $12.9 billion in total advertising income, and that number will surely be multiplied when the 2014 numbers come out because of the the rise of mobile usages. While it’s great that Google is making loads of cash due to advertising, the more important thing is for YOU to make money and grow your business. It isn’t easy, but having an optimized campaign can not only help your brand grow, it can provide a steady source of revenue. Unfortunately, a campaign that isn’t optimized can end up costing you money and causing you frustration.

2. Mobile is key
Like I mention just a few lines ago, the trends in our digital are moving towards being mobile friendly. You can ready about mobile friendly sites on this blog to learn more, but if you aren’t growing with that trend, you are falling behind. You site, your content, and even your ads need to be easily accessed and understood on phones and tablets. These two platforms alone combined for 32% of clicks and accounted for 25% of paid search spending. Using location and call extensions in your campaigns is a great way to capture this growing trend. Another way to ensure that people are going to click your ads from mobile devices is to use mobile specific language in the text of your ads. It is almost assumed nowadays that sites are mobile friendly, but letting your potential customers know up front will help to capture people looking for directions or a way to call your business about specific information.

3. Paid ads get preference
We have all heard that a great SEO rank can lead to an increase in traffic and exposure. That’s very true, but it is also important to take note that on average, the top 3 spots (or AdWords spots) take 41.1% of the total clicks for any given search result. Organic search rank will always be based on Search Engine Optimization and you can’t pay Google to be at the top of organic search lists, but what good is being in the top spot, if people are clicking the ads above your spot almost half the time? It’s a balancing act, but image the response you would have if you saw an ad for a carpet cleaner, and then the very next thing you saw in the organic lists was the same brand and a link to the same site? Not only does that company believe in their product enough to pay for advertisements, but they have done the work to back it up. That’s someone I would want to do business with. It’s a great way to build trust.

4. Remarketing is powerful
An informed consumer is more likely to be a happy customer. We all know that, but how does that play out on the web? Content creation, remarketing and great customer service are the tools used to create happy customers. Your website should be rich in content so that when people search for they find your brand with the relevant answers, but a lot of people like doing their research before finally making a purchase. That’s where remarketing comes in. You can specifically target people who have already visited your site, learned about your product or used your mobile app. It takes some initial setup, but once you’re in the game, you can reach people from your remarketing lists on over 2 million websites and mobile apps as part of the Google Display Network.

5. Use Offers & Unique Selling Points
Everyone in town who knows about your business knows that it’s the best around! The way you make your product is exactly what people are looking for, or the service you provide is done exactly right. Make sure you use these things to your advantage in your store, your website and especially your Adwords campaigns. If people can’t immediately understand what sets you apart from the crowd, they will automatically lump you with the rest. Use actionable language and highlight what makes your brand the best, but also include an unbeatable offer. What’s better than a first time customer? A repeat customer. if you make the right first impression, you’re bound to experience exponential growth.

We know that an optimized Google Adwords campaign can help grow your brand’s reach by targeting specific people who are searching for your services or product, but starting a pay per click campaign can seem daunting. As certified Adwords consultants and Google Partners, we can ensure that your campaigns will be successful. If you are ready to take the next step, but aren’t exactly sure where to start, the team at Nektur Marketing has the knowledge and skills to make sure your money is well spent and brings in new customers. Click below to contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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