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Great Digital Marketing Isn't Magic!

Nektur helps you with the 3 major factors that help create sustainable revenue:


Digital marketing success is no different than any other successful venture. You develop a quality, consisten process that is repeatable. 


Once you have nailed down the process, you need to figure out what is worth measuring. We help develop strategies shaped by your North Star KPI's.


Strategy and metrics are great, but how do you deploy and measure? We have been around the block and can help piece together the software puzzle. 


Once your branding and identity are established, our inbound marketing techniques are the most reliable and cost-effective method of attracting more of the right customers.

At Nektur Marketing, we go the extra mile to set Chattanooga businesses with search engine marketing, email marketing, and campaign building techniques that will dramatically increase your web traffic. By increasing your web traffic with the right prospects, we create an increase in your prospect-to-customer conversion rate.


Our Process

1. Reach out for an initial conversation. This relationship, like any other, depends on a shared vision and mutual respect.
2. We create a detailed 3-month roadmap of your marketing and sales strategy for a minimal investment.
3. Keep the blueprint and DIY, or hire us and the roadmap is our proposal. Mapped out to weekly deliverables, it ensures we stay on track. It includes the process, analytics, and tools you need to reach your goals.

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