How to craft an amazing e-newsletter

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Recently we went over some best practices for email marketing (in case you didn’t read it yet, check it out, it’s a great precursor to this article). This week we’ll dive email newsletter tips a bit deeper, more specifically, how to create quality content that keeps the viewer from sending your email to the trash bin right away.
Spend time on the design
A good email needs to be eye catching. People make instantaneous decisions as to whether or not to read an email, and making it visually appealing increases the open and click through rate. This isn’t a one-off thing either, the design needs to be consistent as it builds brand awareness. You want the recipient to get used to your emails, and to know what to expect when each new one hits their inbox.
Offer something valuable
Now, you may have the most beautiful, eye-catching design, but if you don’t have quality content, then it’s almost worthless. Remember, people are bombarded with emails all the time, so the ones that stick out are the ones that look good and have something to offer. Your message needs to stick to the audience, whether it be a new product promotion or some important information about your business, it needs to be something that captures their attention and keeps it. We’ve got so many options and distractions, if the content of your email isn’t engaging, it’s on to the next option.
Balance your content
So you’ve got great an impeccably designed email and quality content, you’re done right? Almost, but not quite. What’s the message behind your emails? At first glance, you may want to try to push product after product for more sales, but that can actually work against you. Remember, we’re bombarded with ads all day, so yet another one is quickly sent to the trash bin. On the other hand, if the content is educational, such as helpful tips that are pertinent to your industry, you’re much more likely to have loyal readers who, gasp, may actually look forward to your email! Then, when you post product offerings, it makes it seem like a much bigger deal, and ultimately lead to more sales and conversions.
A good email campaign doesn’t have to be hard. With a little forethought and insight, soon you’ll be mastering email and reap the rewards that come with it. Have any questions? Contact us today at 423-797-4388 or [email protected]!

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