HubSpot Onboarding: The Expensive Reality and a Smarter Alternative (Clone)

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Thinking of buying HubSpot for your organization?

You're probably excited by the potential impact on your business.

But you may be concerned about the onboarding process. You're not alone. HubSpot is powerful, but setting it up correctly to drive actual results can be a significant financial and logistical hurdle.

HubSpot offers onboarding services. Due to high demand, these services are often "farmed out" to a HubSpot Solutions Partner. The low cost onboarding provided here gives you a weekly meeting with guided coaching. Your team will do all the work.

Alternatively, you can search for, then hire a HubSpot Solutions Partner for a more intense, hands-on experience. Partners will onboard you in their own way using their own tools and methodology. These services typically consist of: software setup, customization, automation, reports, data migration and team training. 

The Problem with Traditional HubSpot Onboarding Models

  • HubSpot's "DIY with a Coach" Approach: HubSpot's onboarding often focuses on strategy, leaving you with a to-do list without a hands-on setup. This is slow and labor intensive. If you want to go fast, this is not the way. 
  • Partner Led Onboarding - Expensive and Inconsistent: Many HubSpot Partners will charge a premium for services that may or may not be essential to your needs. These partners charge the same hourly rate for the little things and for more complex work. When the partner does all of the work, your team won't learn how to pilot the plane after the consulting team has left for another engagement.
  • Feeling Abandoned and Overwhelmed: Many HubSpot customers end up feeling frustrated.

A New Middle Ground: Empowered Self-Onboarding

After over a decade of helping organizations make the most of HubSpot, we developed a unique solution that allows our clients to get the best of both worlds. 

  • Roadmap and Task Guide: We provide our clients with a clear, step-by-step plan covering the absolute essentials of HubSpot setup, tailored to your goals. New technology makes this possible and your team learns the ins and outs of the software. 
  • Empowerment, not Hand Holding: We teach you how to confidently DIY the core tasks, saving you money on bloated partner packages. You'll gain experience and confidence with HubSpot.
  • Strategic Focus: You regain control of your budget, freeing up funds for high-impact customizations where expert help truly adds value. For highly customized solutions, you'll want to work hand in hand with experts.
  • 75% Cost Savings: Achieve the same outcomes as traditional onboarding but at a fraction of the cost and in less time. 

Bridging The Gap For Cost-Conscious SMBs & DIY-Minded Teams

We get it. You see the potential of HubSpot, but the price tag for full-service onboarding is daunting.

We put ourselves in your shoes.

New HubSpot clients want an onboarding path that provides structure and guidance, yet the freedom to handle core setup tasks on your own terms (and budget). This is where our approach shines.

We aim to empower all new HubSpot clients with: 

  • A Crystal-Clear Roadmap: Ditch the overwhelming to-do list. Our task guide breaks down the essential steps to get HubSpot up and running and aligned with your goals. You'll follow the guided path to success, completing each task in the correct sequence (which is half the battle)!
  • Embedded Training Videos and Guides: Every step is accompanied by short, easy-to-follow tutorials directly within HubSpot—no more switching tabs or searching for outdated instructions. You will learn and master HubSpot faster.
  • Focused Training and Support: Learn the "why" and "how" behind each step, so you're not just blindly following instructions. You'll be thinking like a HubSpot Onboarding Expert in no time. 
  • Strategic Investment: Redirect the money you'd spend on bloated onboarding packages towards targeted customizations or specialized help where it makes a more significant impact. 
  • Better Trained Team: We leave our in-app training and tutorial resources in your account and the system is used to train your team and new hires quickly. Let's face it, your investment if HubSpot only pays off when your team uses and leverages the power of HubSpot (which has been customized to your organization).

The Result: You achieve the most accessible, most streamlined HubSpot launch and ongoing user adoption at a fraction of the cost.

If you want to learn more about our rapid onboarding program for HubSpot, you can book a quick chat with us here!