Nektur Nektur PROCESS SERVICES INBOUND NURTURE RESOURCES CONTACT Our Process = Online Marketing Success Our process allows us to design and execute the perfect strategy for your brand CREATE Let Nektur create a blueprint for your brand’s online marketing success. As passionate brand supporters, before we begin any project, we must first get to know your business. This includes helping realize your brand identity, target customers, and financial goals desired from your marketing efforts. Once we have this information, we develop an online marketing strategy that is customized to fit your unique needs. Every business is different, so a tailored solution can have a huge impact on performance, and your return on investment. Here are some of the tools we use to accomplish this stage of the process: Persona Identification Keyword & Content Creation Strategy Development Consulting Training ATTRACT Turn your brand into a beacon for those who need what you offer After we create a plan, Nektur will help you implement an inbound marketing engine that will consistently attract the right visitors. Having a customized website and tailored content helps increase conversions across your marketing efforts. We take all of your information and then create a unified message that we spread across all channels that your ideal customers use. Here are a few services we use to attract: Web Design/Development Search Engine Optimization Social Media Publishing Content Creation CULTIVATE Make the most out of your leads by cultivating them into loyal customers This is the part where you capitalize on all of your efforts. After we Create and Attract, it is time to cultivate all of your leads in customers, and then hopefully brand promoters. Through performance driven design, we help you create conversion funnels and landing pages that will not only appeal to your ideal customers, but encourage them to take advantage of what you offer. We create websites and marketing automation strategies that coincide with your sales process and funnels to make sure no leads slip through the cracks. Here are a few services we use to cultivate: Conversion Optimization Email Marketing User-Friendly Web Design/Development Marketing Automation CRM Integration SUSTAIN Detailed analysis gives insight on how to optimize your brand for the future Nektur arms our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to grow their brand. By combining your must-have experience with smart conversion optimization techniques, we give you the opportunity to scale your growth. The journey doesn’t end when you get a new customer. We believe growth requires engaging, delighting, and building lasting relationships with customers. Developing unique content that is tailored towards your ideal customers, or personas, and then delivering it on the channels they participate in, ensures that you will always remain relevant, and useful. Here are a few tools we use to help you sustain: Analytics Social Monitoring Content Creation Reputation Management SEO