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What is virtual presence?

Virtual presence and why it matters

Remote and hybrid work professionals are learning that perception is reality. While employers are torn on whether work-from-home professionals should receive less money, it all comes down to whether or not that professional can recreate their in-offie value while at home. 

This is where virtual presence comes into play. We can help you convey your actual worth through a digital presence, regardless of where you happen to be. From LinkedIn to the video call, we can help you increase your perceived value. Which happens to be the new reality. 

After all, just because you work from home, doesn't mean it has to look like it. 

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How can we help increase your virtual presence?

Nektur has been helping professionals refine their virtual presence for nearly 8 years. We do this by providing a combination of effective services. 

  • Custom, animated presentations
  • Story and pitch composition
  • LinkedIn SSI audit
  • Video call optimization
  • Follow-up funnel
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