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Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Once you have a sales funnel developed, you need email marketing to help automate turning leads into raving customers.

If you've heard that email marketing doesn't work, it wasn't done right. This should be one of your primary marketing tools and allows you to nurture relationships with prospects effectively.


Why email marketing?

It's a numbers game!

If 100 people visit your sales page and 3% take action or purchase, that's three closed sales. While that might be good, what about the other 97%?

If you have a lead magnet that could get 20% of people to give you their email, you have 17 extra prospects you could nurture in an email campaign. Getting these prospects to convert would be cheaper and more efficient than constantly attracting new people into the funnel.  

There are many types of email sequences, but the process of creating one can be boiled down to a few steps: 

  • Determine the purpose of your sequence
  • Use criteria to create an audience for automation
  • Figure out the duration and number of emails needed
  • Write and build your emails
  • Test sequence and adjust based on experience or feedback
  • Launch and continually optimize based on KPI's

4 Types of Email Sequences

Welcome Sequences

These emails are sent after a prospect signs up for a lead magnet or trip wire. This is where you build a connection with the customer by telling them your story and offering help. You are building trust to present your offer towards the end of the sequence.

(Re)Engagement Sequences

If they still have not taken you up on your offer, don't give up!

Keep engaging your prospects with weekly updates, newsletters, tips, case studies, stories, how-to's, and more. The goal is to provide enough value to that they are not annoyed by seeing you in the inbox. 


Cart Abandonment

Most people will abandon shopping carts on your website. It's up to you as to whether it's a wasted opportunity. 

You've likely seen these before in your inbox where they say you've left something behind, offer final discounts, or try to add a bonus to sweeten the pot. 

Conversation To Demo Sequence

These are designed to turn conversations into demos or lengthy discovery calls. How often have you had a quick call that you thought went well, but then it lost momentum?

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